Make Welding Work Safe and Easy With the Use of AC/DC Welders


Welding involves use of high temperatures and high voltage to cut metal. Therefore, care should be taken to protect against burns, electric shock or shrapnel injuries. You can make your welding work safer and easier in the following ways:

General body insulation

Insulation of the body with non-conductive materials will protect you from electric shocks. The welded material is metallic. Therefore, you shouldn’t rest any of your body parts on the metal at any time.

Protective gloves

You should also wear dry gloves suitable for welding to prevent electric shocks. The gloves will also protect your arms from cuts and injuries from shrapnel and molten metal. For protection against shock, you shouldn’t touch the electrodes of the MIG welder with wet hands or your skin.

Use of the right cables

Primary electric shocks are associated with use of wrong leads/ cables.  Green Grounding lead connects the welder to the earth while the world/ welding lead is a part of the arc welding circuit. It therefore carries current in the best ac/dc welders. Having these parts attached to the right points will prevent electric shocks.

Use of right equipment in hazardous conditions

In case you have to weld in damp or metallic environments, you must have the right protective clothing. You should also get the right and the best MIG welders like the semiautomatic DC constant voltage welder or an AC welder with reduced voltage control.


In conclusion, safety and ease of work is achieved by wearing the right clothing, using the right welding equipment, power source and the right connections.


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